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Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.” ~ Julie Fleischer, Neustar

Modern Content Marketing

Clark Five Design helps your business form impactful content strategies that are aimed at building brands and creating lasting customer relationships. 

Using content marketing strategies based on research, we implement pictures, videos, infographs, whitepapers, articles, blogs and press releases into the community to gain valuable web traffic and solidify you as the authority in your industry.

Each of our content strategies is customized for your unique business and ideal customers, allowing us to focus on your most lucrative directions and produce a positive ROI.

Make your brand and company stand out among all the clutter from uninspiring marketing with a Clark Five designed content marketing plan.

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Content Marketing Strategy

When we create content for your business we develop it with two audiences in mind. First, we look at what your customers want, need and desire. Next, we look at what the search engines are looking for and what gaps we can fill.

With this in mind, our strategy uses keyword research as well as gap analysis to create content plans that hit the right people at the right time. We also look into what your competitors are doing to determine how we can beat them out, plain and simple.

Content Outreach

Far too many businesses put out ineffective content or blog posts that don’t actually result in anything. Did you know that your content syndication effort is just as important as your content itself? 

In addition to creating the best content on the web for our clients, we spend considerable time doing outreach to this content so that the potential customers of our clients can see it.

Content outreach often involves sharing content on the appropriate social media networks with a bit of ad spend to go along with it; sending the blog, infographic, or artwork out to an email list; and doing link-based outreach to build links to your website. 

Additionally, there are options to get guest posting content on larger authoritative websites that will really make you shine.

ROI-driven Content Marketing

At Clark Five Design, we don’t create content for you with no purpose in mind. Closing your eyes and writing blog posts is a bad habit of the inexperienced. This is why each piece of content we create also gets an outreach component so that your content is seen by potential customers.

Content is made to attract your ideal customers and get them to perform a certain action. Sometimes that means getting them on your email list, other times it’s to get them to call you right away.

Platforms we use to syndicate content: Outbrain.com and Taboola.com

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