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Digital marketing is like pouring gasoline all over the fire we call sales.” -Zeth Owen, Web Strategist at Clark Five

Predictable Customer Acquisition with PPC

We deliver a Pay-Per-Click Strategy that separates your business from market noise and drives more leads, calls and revenue online.

Get Leads You Can Convert Into Customers Using Digital Marketing

The tides have shifted for advertising your business.  Digital advertising is engaging, measurable, and predicable for growth.

Working with Clark Five Design gets you a digital partner that you can trust to deliver the right advertising to the right people and be held accountable for Results.

We’ve been featured in Top Digital Marketing Agencies &

Top Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Businesses

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We Create Your Marketing Engine, Not Ours...

Maybe you’ve dipped your toes in digital advertising or have purchased “leads” from an online source or program and it was either a waste of money or it cost you a small fortune.

Here’s our difference.

We work with you to build out and optimize YOUR digital engine.  You own it, you decide how much things cost, you control the advertising assets.  

Now that’s empowering a small business.

Local Search Engine Marketing

8 out of 10 people will search on Google for your local business. Advertising at the Top of the results gives you a serious edge.

Accurately Target Your Buyers

Target everyone, means targeting no one. Advertising online means being able to target your ideal customers where they spend their time.

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Perfect Your Call-to-Action

Generic advertising blends in, we build digital marketing campaigns that Stand Out from the noise like a Purple Cow.

Why are we so much more productive than others? (or doing it yourself)

No one understands your business like you do and no one knows what they want better than your customers. 

We research these two main pillars of advertising and combine it with our in-depth expertise for digital strategy. 

We don’t rely on simple and well-known PPC tactics to you could do yourself. Our team manually reviews and optimizes your campaigns, we test copy and calls to action, landing pages, and more. 

We never settle. You’re teaming up with over-achievers.

A well-run CPC campaign provides excellent data for our SEO campaigns too.

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  • 5 star review  Travis and the Clark Five Design team are fantastic to work with! Our organization had a massive, outdated website that we had spent years trying to revise but never got far with. Within a few months of teaming up with C5D--and partially during the COVID pandemic--we now have a beautiful, modern and useful website that we are proud to showcase. We highly recommend working with this great team.

    thumb Karla Garrett

    5 star review  Travis went above and beyond to meet the needs of our company! He is dedicated to the work he provides but more importantly he is a great human being that provides the necessary guidance and mentoring we needed to become successful. I would highly recommend Clark Five Design for any website needs!

    thumb Linden Loren
  • 5 star review  I randomly came across Clark Five Ventures in the middle of a very stressful website crisis. I needed my website redone and transferred, and needed it done within 2 weeks. I knew this was an unrealistic timeline, but Travis swooped in like a super hero and got it all done. I could tell right away he knew what he was doing and that he knew this field inside and out. This company is so professional, efficient AND affordable. Having them manage my website is the best business decision I've made in a long time.

    thumb Katy Willis

    5 star review  Travis is awesome to work with. He does much more than design a website. He motivates, encourages and finds solutions to problems that go beyond his job description. I can't say enough good about the experience I've had working with Clark Five Ventures!

    thumb Amy Price
  • 5 star review  Clark Five has been an absolute business saver. Saving us time and money on numerous occasions and always so easy to work with. We've been with them for around 4 years... maybe more.. and have always been so happy with all aspects from simply asking questions to design to maintenance and new development. Highly recommend Clark Five.

    thumb sosympl .

    5 star review  We needed a website to showcase our farm guide and lay it out in an online platform that was easy to use, access and link information. There is a lot of information within the farm guide, so making that information easier for customers to view and access quickly was essential. We had no concerns working with Clark Five, Travis was prompt to reply to our suggestions, easy to work with and got the job done before our deadline. Not only did Clark Five Ventures greatly improve upon our previous website, they did it by balancing creativity and functionality to help attract customers and enable them to find information more easily. Travis made it so easy for us. He always listened to our needs and turned them into reality.

    thumb Mallory Phelan
  • 5 star review  Very friendly employees... Very professional

    thumb Steven Draper

    5 star review  Clark Five Ventures has taken the struggle out of making projects happen. From the concept stage to build out to site updates the project has flowed smoothly. If you're looking to get your project off the ground or revamp what you have, contact Travis.

    thumb Northwoods Management Group llc
  • 5 star review  These guys do an amazing job! Great planning , execution, and results! their step by step process and communication made Clark Five Designs so reliable and easy to work with:) These guys are on the NEXT LEVEL!!! Definitely recommend!

    thumb Next Level

    5 star review  Clark Five Ventures has taken the struggle out of making projects happen. From the concept stage to build out to site updates the project has flowed smoothly. If you're looking to get your project off the ground or revamp what you have, contact Travis.

    thumb Northwoods Management Group llc

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