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For small businesses, deciding to spend time managing your web presence or instead focus on growing business, can be a daily decision. Design studios and agencies are expensive. DIY web builders are time intensive. That’s where we can help.

We're committed to a results-driven approach to web design & digital marketing

Clark Five Design of Oregon, is made up a team of specialist that work together to design and implement a full digital strategy for your business.

We started in 2011 building fast and professional websites for companies looking to have an online presence. Since then, we’ve grown with our clients needs by now offering full web strategy packages that puts it all together for amazing results.

Welcome to our culture of work-hard, laugh often and drive growth.

“Clark Five Ventures has taken the struggle out of making projects happen.”

Meet the C5 Team

Clark Five believes in partnering with businesses to enable them with the tools and systems needed for growth in the digital age. Our mission is to provide small businesses with unparalleled results that facilitate business growth and allow them to live their dream business.

Travis Clark, Designer at Clark Five Design
Lead Designer & Project Manager

Travis Clark

Travis helps clients work more efficiently on the web to reach their goals in business using a mixture of technology, process discovery, and design. He has a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses see a coherent path forward on the web, and Travis excels at helping to bridge the gap in technical terminology and complex ideas.

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Zeth Owen, Web Strategist at Clark Five Design
Web Strategist

Zeth Owen

Zeth Owen is a relationship-oriented marketer. He helps small businesses and local organizations drill down to the bed rock of their customer’s needs, wants and desires. He helps them understand and create a marketing strategy that meets the customer where they already are. Zeth tests and tracks everything, analyzing the efforts to trim what is not working and scale what is.

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